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6 Reasons Why Nepal Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Nepal is also known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. This nation is land-locked and it’s situated in South Asia. At present, over twenty-six million people live in Nepal. It’s a ethnically diverse nation and offers tons of wonderful things to see and do. If you’re interested in Nepal, you’ll find that our list of six reasons why Nepal should be your next travel destination is well worth a read.

6.) Discover the Annapurna Mountain Range

Nepal is gorgeous and you’ll experience its signature beauty up close and personal when you spend some time trekking at the Annapurna Mountain Range. This famous natural area is a great place to admire mountains of varying size and scale. The tallest mountains in this range are Annapurna 1 and Annapurna II. The splendour of the Himalayas will be yours to enjoy when you drop by. Be sure to wear proper footwear and never go out of bounds.

5.) Enjoy Spiritual Beauty at Swayambhunath Temple

This sacred Kathmandu location is very popular with tourists. When you reach the temple, you’ll access gorgeous vistas and you may just see a few monkeys as well! The temple itself is very beautiful and most people who visit feel a sense of peace and serenity there. Keep your supplies close by as the monkeys in the region are known to pluck food and drink from passersby!

4.) Admire the Tranquil Waters of Phewa Tal (Fewa Lake)

This scenic Nepal lake is a great place to tour by boat and it also features a walking trail which is well-maintained and not too challenging! If you’d like a serene place to enjoy natural beauty and partake of some enjoyable outdoor activities, you’ll find that Phewa Tal (Fewa Lake) really fits the bill! The lake is lovely and the boats which dot the water are also very picturesque.

3.) Visit a Virgin Goddess at Kumari Chowk

When you go to Kumari Chowk, you may just catch a glimpse of a virgin woman who is considered a goddess by many in Nepal. She is viewed as the human embodiment of the goddess, Durga. As well, when you drop by, you’ll be able to see the sumptuous palace where she dwells. Some have been blessed by this virgin young woman, while others have spotted her inside of the palace.

2.) Enjoy the Serene and Historical Kopan Monastery

This monastery features ornate and ornamental Nepalese architecture and it’s a place where scores of monks and nuns spend their lives! When you visit, you may learn about meditation by taking a course. This is a beautiful structure with a rich and colourful history and it’s also a spiritual place to practice mindfulness.

1.) Patan Museum is Nepal’s Greatest Museum

This museum features three levels, so there is so much to see. It’s actually a palace which used to be inhabited by royals. At Patan Museum, thirteen centuries are history are explored and celebrated. When you visit, you’ll learn so much about Nepal and you’ll love the beautiful and meaningful exhibits.

Now is the right time to plan a trip to Nepal. It’s such a stunning place and there are amazing sights to see. Hopefully, our quick guide has helped you to discover some awesome attractions, from the natural and beautiful to the man-made and fascinating. We’ve just scratched the surface. However, the attractions that we’ve talked about are definitely some of the most popular in Nepal. They are the ones that tourists make a point of seeing and they get great reviews from those who have visited them. To find out more about Nepal, visit the nation’s official tourism websites.

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