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7 Things to Do in Destin Florida


If you’re interested in visiting the northwestern part of Florida, which is nicknamed, “the Panhandle”. you should definitely consider spending time in Destin. This city features some gorgeous beaches which offer instant access to the scenic Gulf of Mexico. As well, it’s a great place to go golfing! When you do add Destin to your itinerary, you’ll be able to stroll along the area’s boardwark, visit a beautiful state park and enjoy plenty of amenities and other things to see and do…


To help you learn more about everything that Destin has to offer, we’ve made a list of 7 things to do in Destin, Florida. Choose one of all of them in order to access a holiday experience which is truly unforgettable!


7.) Henderson Beach State Recreation Area – This pleasant and picturesque park opened in 1991 and it is located along the Emerald Coast Parkway. This beach-y retreat is a great place to stroll the boardwalk, explore nature trails with or without your pets and utilise playgrounds and campgrounds. The beach is gorgeous, with sugar sand and turquoise water.


6.) Destin Harbor – Chill and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf by spending some time at Destin Harbor. It’s a great place to enjoy nature and to shop at local boutiques. As well, the area is home to some impressive eateries which offer the freshest seafood, which is accessed via the dock. If you want to relax and forget about your worries, you’ll find that it’s easy to do so at this popular and tourist-friendly harbor.


5.) Destin Commons – If you love to shop, you’ll probably love Destin Commons. It’s a great place to check out all sorts of shops and restaurants. Located on Legendary Drive in Destin, it’s popular with tourists and townspeople alike. The shopping plaza is immaculate and its known for its unusual and appealing Beef Jerky Store.

4.) The Track – If you enjoy mini-golf, you’ll find that The Track is a great place to play. While there isn’t much cover from the Florida sun at this location, there is great mini golf. Just bring a hat and sunscreen in order to protect your skin. This mini-golf course is wonderful for


3.) Destin History & Fishing Museum – If you think you’ll enjoy gathering information about Destin’s history, why not drop by this interesting museum? When you do, you’ll be able to check out photos and objects which bring the heritage of the area into focus.


2.) Jolee Island Nature Park – If you want to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, you’ll find plenty of serenity at Jolee Island. This island is a great place to hike and be close to nature and it’s ideal for all sorts of people. Hang out near the shore to enjoy a tranquil view of the Bay or get some exercise out of doors. While there aren’t a lot of activities and amenities here, that’s sort of the point. It’s a natural and unspoiled place to get away from it all.


1.) Destin’s Main Street Market – Markets are always lively and fun places to people-watch and shop and this one is no exception. It’s a great market with lots of variety. You’ll find that visiting this market is a great way to enjoy local colour and pick up some food and/or souvenirs.


Plan a Trip to Destin Today


Destin is gorgeous and it’s a popular destination with tourists. Loaded with attractions and natural beauty, Destin is well worth a visit, whether you plan a short getaway to the area or a longer trip. So, why not plan a vacation in the area today?

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