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After 3 Elections – a new Government in israel

507 days without a permanent government in Israel had officially came to an end. Netanyahu and Gantz spoke at the opening of the inaugural meeting: “The new government was established with the will of most Israeli citizens and it will serve everyone.”

Israel’s 35th government begins its term on Sunday in the face of particularly harsh criticism due to being the most bloated and costly since the establishment of the state, at the peak of a severe economic crisis. The 34 new ministers at this time swear to their new positions. The Knesset members, with a majority of 71 voters, approved the appointment of the new Knesset Speaker, Yariv Levin, and he spoke for the first time in his new rule.

Benny Gantz

At the opening of the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu with his fifth term in office – was addressing his partner in government, Benny Gantz: I am convinced that we will work together successfully in this unity government for our country. “

“This is an important day for the country,” Netanyahu emphasized. “The new government was established in the will of most Israeli citizens and it will serve all citizens of Israel – Jews and non-Jews alike. Gantz and I chose to run an emergency government of national unity. If we would now go for a fourth election – the cost per economy would amount to 2 billion NIS, The additional cost of a unity government, which I do not take lightly is 85 million NIS a year. This cost is infinitely lower than the cost of the the other option. That would have been a real waste. and at the same time, we would be forced to postpone the treatment of the coronavirus implections on our country to an unknown date. “

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