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Europe Is Opening Up Borders After Coronavirus Epidemic Halt

After almost all European countries had to close their doors due to the covid19 epidemic, now About two months after the outbreak started, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France will allow family reunions at borders points, and next month Italy will begin to open its doors

Just a few months ago i was impossible to imagine such restrictions and moving between the 26 countries in the Schengen area was completely free and daily trips from Berlin to Basel, Geneva to Paris, or Vienna to Zurich were a daily occurrence and taken for granted. The Corona restrictions have hit the border communities particularly hard. In the “Basel Triangle” where Germany, France and Switzerland meet, local businesses rely on border traffic for their income, and thousands of people cross the border daily.

The border between Switzerland and Germany

In early May, as the decline in the spread of the virus began, countries began discussing a reopening. However, no government wanted to be the first to take such a risky move, but neither country wanted to keep its borders closed if her neighbors opened their doors.

Therefore, it was agreed to reopen the internal borders of the region, such as those between Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria, during a joint and careful step by step effort. In order to cross the border, every person will have to fill out a form explaining why they want to travel and who they intend to visit.

That means that for tourists, vacationers, or shopping enthusiasts – the borders will remain closed for now. Residents will have to prove that they have a family or spouse in the neighboring country, which may not be easy. In Italy, the government signed a decree permitting entry and exit to the country from June 3. As of that date, residents will also be able to travel freely across the state.

While some areas have pushed for earlier relief from the Corona restrictions, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has insisted on doing so gradually and slowly to avoid a second wave of infection.

During the opening of the borders in early June, the government hopes to save the summer season, during which the Italians usually travel for their annual holidays.

Along with the opening of borders,  everything else also expected to return to normal, while adhering to rules and guidelines for maintaining hygiene and social distancing, while at the same time, the health authorities will monitor the situation to make sure the situation is under control.

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