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Israel going into third lockdown as vaccine Operation Continues

The israeli government decided to impose a much stricker lockdown as virus number are increasing in an alarming rate. The agreed time for this third lockwood since the beginning of the epidemic is two weeks but this might increase if infection numbers won’t drop below 2000 new infections a day.

According to the outline, subject to approval by the government and the Knesset, the country’s entire education system, including kindergartens, will shutter. The only exception at this stage appears to be special education facilities.Gatherings will be reduced to five people in a confined space and 10 people outside.

Like with previous lockdowns, leisure, entertainment and cultural venues will be shuttered. Restaurants will only be allowed to offer delivery services, with no take-away.People will only be able to venture up to 1,000 meters from their houses, unless it is for the purpose of procuring essential services, getting vaccinated or engaging in individual sporting activity.

This is happening while the israeli vaccine operation is going in full speed – nearly 1,500,000 israelis already got their first jab in the last 2 weeks, an impressive number for such a small county.

The israeli vaccine operation might face some slow downs in the upcoming weeks as vaccine doses are starting to decrease and new shipments are only expected to arrive in february.

The final lockdown?

Many israelis are hoping that with the vaccine operation that is aiming to vaccine the entire in risk groups in the country this will be the last lockdown before the economy can open up and life can resume normality once again.

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