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“The vaccine works wonderfully”: preliminary results of Israeli serological study on Vaccine Efficacy

A study conducted among the hospital’s medical staff in Israel found that 100 out of 102 vaccinated workers developed high-level antibodies to the disease. Senior doctor: “Most vaccinated people have more antibodies than those who have recovered from the disease. Meaning: We will see the decrease in morbidity in the coming days.”

The vaccinated will probably not be carriers, nor will they be contagious: this is the conclusion from the interim results of a study in Sheba Hospital. One week after receiving the second dose, there was usually a 6 to 20-fold increase in antibodies, with only two out of 102 vaccines developing almost no antibodies. “This means that the vaccine works wonderfully, and There is definitely a reason for optimism, ” said Prof. Regev-Yohai, who presented the results of the vaccine.

The data refer to 102 vaccinators at the hospital out of about a thousand Sheba Hospital employees who participated in the study so far and received the second dose of the corona vaccine.

Of those 102 people, only two developed very low-level antibodies, one of which was immunosuppressed. “The vast majority have developed antibodies at very high levels. This means that we will begin to see the decline in morbidity because we see people with hundreds of high antibody levels,” added Prof. Regev-Yohai.

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